High-resolution spectroscopy and light source technology laboratory

Description of the laboratory and publications


Research fields:

Low-temperature plasma investigations, high-resolution spectroscopy, light source technology, plasma/surface interaction, inductively coupled discharge, capacitatively coupled discharge, plasma nanotechnology




·         National Research Program in Materialscience (Proj.No.1., "Perspective inorganic materials for photonics and energetics")

·         Latvian Council of Science Grant No 05.1866  (Low temperature plasma studies and application of results in surface processing and light source technology)

·         LU proekts Nr. LU2008/ZI3-66 " Nobela prēmijas laureātu sanāksme "

High-resolution spectroscopy and light source technology laboratory participated successfully in the application of the project: "Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy - Centre of Excellence for Basic Research in Nanoscale Physics and Applications" in the FP5 Programme in 2002. Only the work-package of our laboratory (Task 2: "Low-pressure plasma investigation for application in light source technology and surface processing") together with coordination Task 7 has been approved for funding by the FP5 experts but we got no financial support  from this Programme. :



Head of laboratory: Dr. Phys. Atis Skudra,

                                  (E-mail: askudra@latnet.lv; homepage)



Dr. Phys. Gita Revalde

Dr. Phys. Zanda Gavare

PhD. student Natalja Zorina

PhD. student Egils Bogans

PhD. student Anda Svagere

M.Sc. Juris Silinsh

M.Sc. student Madara Zinge

M.Sc. student Viktors Fjodorovs

Student Rolands Zvejnieks

Student Valters Dzelme

Student Janis Skudra



Electrodeless lamps

Light sources for atomic absorption

Isotopic light sources

Absorption cells


Electrodeless Discharge lamps (EDL)


Street address:

Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy,

Skunu Str. 4,

Riga, LV-1050,



Tel: +371-67225907


E-mail: info@atomic-physics.lv